Originally, there was only 1 belt in the martial arts and that was the white belt. A black belt is a white belt who never quit and stands for a true student of the martial arts. There is no end to learning and progression of your art. You must never cleanse your belt for it is a representation and symbol of your training. Your blood, sweat, and tears should always be put into your belt. The colors we have in our current day represent the process of your belt darkening and giving you levels of achievement. Sometimes the hardest thing to see in ourselves is our personal progression. Each color is a symbol of what you have invested into yourself to achieving black belt excellence.

The ranking system is a very important tool designed to promote motivation by teaching a student how to set and achieve short and long-term goals. It provides students with positive reinforcement by awarding them with specific colored belts signifying their level of progress and achievement.

Participation in this program develops the proper foundation, determination and self-discipline essential in the pursuit to acquire personal goals and overcome life’s many challenges. The common result is a happy, healthy and productive human being.