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Green Power Ranger Jason David Frank talks Faith, Future with CBN NEWS

Published on Oct 24, 2014
Tommy, the Green Ranger from the children’s television series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, talks with CBN News Reporter Efrem Graham about the painful lost of his brother, finding God in tragedy, and his new kicking exploits including: an upcoming movie, a new line of MMA fight gear and his successful web/television series — My Morphin Life.

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Three Keys to Growing on Social Media

December 3, 2014
Jason David Frank, known primarily as the Green Power Ranger, reaches 5 million people weekly via his social media accounts. On this Digital Download, Digital and Social Media Contributor Caleb Kinchlow uncovers the secrets to Frank’s digital success. He offers three keys to growing your social media presence.



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“Red, blue, green and even pink, their colors were intense just like their powers. The Power Rangers were no joke. Join us as we geek out with actor Jason David Frank better known for his role as Power Ranger Tommy Oliver.”
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