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We want to give you a special notice and thank you for your patience as we met the standards for our site. This virtual training will be the first of its kind. Exclusive workouts with Martial Arts Hall of Famer, Hanshi Jason David Frank! He is excited to train people in his exciting art of TOSO KUNE DO as he has done in his karate schools for years! Since students could never make it to him he has decided to come to you. With Kyoshi overseeing class plans, personal workshops, testing evaluations, he is prepared to take you into Black Belt Excellence!

Registration is now open today. You are receiving this email because we want to thank you for getting a head start on your training. The program will be $29.50 monthly. If you pre-registered on our site do not forget to use your pre-registration promo code for 25% off the first three months.

All classes will be posted through ruzuku.com¬† 2 times a week on Monday and Wednesday. And a video library with extra classes covering abs, cardio, nunchakus, etc… are added just as a bonus. You are encouraged to practice as many times as you can. Although classes will be deleted weekly, we will be adding various content as we grow.

Everyone at trainmejdf.com is very excited to begin a positive impact on the lives of so many. How can you benefit? Do you need  more confidence in yourself, better muscle tone, weight loss, self-reliance? These are all subjects that is part of our mission. Please check out the special video message from Hanshi Jason David Frank:

Martial arts was developed as a personal development tool. To train your mind into being the best you possible. Take your first step into Black Belt Excellence!

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