We are excited to launch the very first virtual training course in the exciting art of Toso Kune Do!!

All ranks and styles are welcomed in this training course, even if you are just starting your journey through the martial arts or even if you are an instructor yourself. We encourage everyone to move to the next level of training! With the comprehensive explanations of our curriculum, you will have a better understanding of the applications and levels in Toso Kune Do, which incorporates various arts.

Along with physical training, students must develop their minds for success. Hanshi Jason David Frank has been an instructor and personal development specialist for over 30 years. He will share what he has learned throughout this time, and set everyone up for success and prepare you to have the right mental attitude for all of life’s challenges.

Our program will be $29.50 per month. The program will consist of 2 classes per week, initially. The curriculum will be chosen personally by Hanshi Frank to meet the goals of his students. A new class will post every 7 days along with a refresher course. All attendance will be logged in order to assess the evaluations of rank in the future. Also included is a video library of different material from abs, cardio, nunchakus, and much more to come! This is a free addition to our program and is to be enjoyed at anytime.

All of our classes will take place through ruzuku.com, the newest platform for professionals to share their knowledge and training.