Kru Tammie Frank began her training in the arts for about 12 years ago under Kyoshi Jason Frank. Kru Tammie Frank, who loves Muay Thai, has fought under Grand Master Toddy and is a certified Muay Thai trainer and Kru under the MTIA (Muay Thai International Association) and the Thailand government. In February 2013, Kru Tammie Frank had her first fight in Bangkok, Thailand, which she won in the first round by TKO. Kru Tammie’s has shown an unprecedented dedication to helping people, especially children, learn the secret arts of Muay Thai.

A mother of two and wife, she is passionate about maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle. Due to this passion, Kru Tammie Frank focuses on helping people reach their fitness goals. Whether Kru Tammie is teaching children or adults, it is clear that her instructing abilities and skills are essential to anyone learning martial arts. Kru Tammie is currently the co-star of My Morphin Life and the manager of all the Rising Sun Karate schools.